Friday, July 3, 2009

Tools of the Trade

Lots of things going on at Carey Cottage this past week. Soon I will have my new website up and running. I can't wait to show it off. Of course, since I have a degree in computer programming, I decided to do nearly everything myself and it has given me a bit of a headache! LOL Let's just say business processing programming and web based programming are NOT the same! :)

I also now have in my labels that will be included on all of my one of a kind items. There are four different ones because the supplier messed up the first set and told me to keep them while sending me the second set. I am not completely happy with the choice of script used, but they will do their job. What do you think?

I also have my next design completed and ready to sew. As you can see, I just fold and lay everything together before I do any cutting. I think it is a safe way to do things since I never use a pattern and every piece is cut to size by measurements. No need to start cutting only to find out I don't like the design or way the colors coordinate. Just a hint of this pillow though, because I want you to be surprised when I post the final, completed project! :)

I have recently got in a lot of supplies that will be used in making more gorgeous pillows, so I thought I would share so everyone can have an idea of what might be coming soon from Carey Cottage.

Some of the fabrics I will be using are Tanya Whelan's Barefoot Roses from Free Spirit; Sophy's Garden by Red Rooster; Mary Rose, Chantilly by Robert Kaufman; and Romancing the Rose by Ro Gregg. Not all are pictured, but many are.................

I also have some pretty Maywood Country Romance by Willowberry. Anyone who is familiar with these any of these fabrics knows they are very good quality.

I have lots of new embellishments I will be using too. Plenty of ribbon roses and silk roses and pearl and velvet trims.

Among the large assortment of lace I have is this beautiful vintage antique white venise lace. It is very unusual and I can't wait to find just the right pillow to use it on.

Well, hopefully all those pictures and descriptions gives you some insight into what is going on at Carey Cottage.

Until next time friends............

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