Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's a busy life..............

Sometimes, I wonder how crafters manage everything in their lives and still find time to craft! I thought things would get easier after school started and the kids were out of the house during the day, but I think it got harder! It seems overnight, the activities have started. I am finding it difficult to balance open house nights at the various schools, educational planning meetings with the advisers and the schedule of picking one up from athletic practice while dropping another one off!

Also, since nothing is getting done around the house in the evening, I try to do the housework during the day. Now, with the kids not around the help, it takes me longer. No more of that "you pick up this room and I will get that one and he will work in the yard". Now, mom does it all! But, despite it all, I still manage to find a little time to sneak in a little crafting and sewing. Not as much time as I would like, but, oh, well, that is life.

I just completed a pillow made from an upcycled chenille bedspread and hope to get a few other crafts out of it.

I am also working on a few more sets of small heart pillows to list since those seem to get a lot of attention in my shop. They are cute and have a variety of uses from shelf sitters to basket fillers to doll pillows. They are small enough, a ribbon could be attached and they could be used as ornaments for a large Christmas tree. The little hearts shown below are already listed in my shop, but there are more like them coming.
Well, I have a couple of free minutes, so I think I better take advantage of it and sneak away to do some more crafting!

Until next time friends,